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Most Popular Dog Names in 2020

Close-Up Of Dog Eating Food From Bowl

EmbarkVet.com just released their list of the most popular dog names in 2020.

For female pups, it was Luna! In fact, the name Luna was such a hot dog name for 2020 that it was picked three times more than the second choice for female dog name Daisy. Bella, Lucy and Penny were the top five names for female dogs.

Cooper was the hottest name for male dogs in 2020, barely topping the second choice, Milo. Finn, Charlie and Tucker were also trendy names for male pups last year.

The pandemic had an influence on dog names, too. Embark found 19 dogs named after Dr. Anthony Fauci and one poor dog was named Covie D.

Here are the most popular names by some nearby midwest states:

Illinois: Zoey

Indiana: Oliver

Iowa: Sadie

Michigan: Maverick

Minnesota: Olive/Oliver/Koda/Annie

Wisconsin: Rosie

See the full list here

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