Hotline Now Offers the Chance for you to Scream Your Stress Out

There's a new hotline you can call to scream your stress away! Call the hotline number (1-561-567-8431), wait for the beep and just scream. Once you've let out your inner beast, simply hang up. Your scream is then uploaded to where others can hear you "let it all out."

Since Just Scream opened, right before the November general election, they've received over 70,000 screaming calls! There are currently 40,000 screams waiting to be uploaded, too.

...and if you're worried, your call is picked up by an answering machine. You won't be terrorizing an operator on the other end with your phone freak out.

Take advantage of Just Scream before the hotline shuts down this Thursday, January 21st.

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