Never Do This With Your Thanksgiving Turkey According to USDA

Photo: Getty Images

With 50% of Americans buying their Thanksgiving turkeys frozen, the USDA has sent out a warning to make sure none of us are celebrating Food Poisoning Friday the next day.

The USDA recently put out a safety statement telling Americans to "never leave a raw turkey out at room temperature for more than two hours" or risk harmful bacteria growing on your bird.

The agency also recommends "slow and safe thawing" adding that "Your poultry will need to thaw in the fridge about 24 hours for every four to five pounds of turkey. Then it will be safe to stay in the fridge unthawed for one to two days."

You should make sure your turkey has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit before serving, too. Use a food thermometer to check "the thickest part of the breast, the innermost part of the wing and the innermost part of the thigh."

The USDA also recommends leaving that stuffing out of your turkey since there's a chance of bacteria growing if its not prepared correctly.

You can read more info here.

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