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Luke Bryan's Wife Pranks Him on Live American Idol

American Idol has officially wrapped up its Season 20 auditions, but not without a few necessary hijinks.

On Monday night (March 21) Luke Bryan became the butt of a hilarious prank courtesy of his wife, Caroline Boyer Bryan.

Caroline entered the set in disguise, wearing a wig, hat, and black hoodie. She began loudly cleaning the piano which caused the Idol judges to stop the production of the show.

“Aggressive on the piano,” Bryan said, turning to his fellow judges, who were also raising their eyebrows at Caroline’s behavior.

The panel of judges moved on, welcoming in their next contestant (who was in on the joke). As the contestant introduced herself, Caroline’s phone went off, disrupting the audition process. That’s not all, while the hopeful sang the lyrics to “My Church” by Maren Morris, a disguised Caroline broke open a bag of chips.

“Who is rattling the damn thing?” Bryan asked, aggravated at the person causing a commotion in the room.

“Hey!” Bryan yelled out in a panic as Perry called for security. That’s when Perry approached Caroline and removed her hat to reveal who she was.

“Oh my God!” Bryan said, breaking into a fit of laughter.

You can watch it below! LOL

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