Avocados Could Soon Become Extinct

Photo: Getty Images

Thanks to the rise in popularity of avocados toast, guacamole, smoothies, desserts and more the demand has been growing like crazy. But there’s only one problem - avocados need a lot of water to grow. Given ‘global warming’ that means avocados may be in danger.

It takes around 19-gallons of water to grow one avocado and when you consider water shortages - especially in California where 90% of American avocados are grown - the future of the fruit is seriously in question.

As a result, some restaurants are taking avocados off of the menu and chefs are coming up with substitutes like artichokes, zucchini, fava beans and some are even using peas to make their guacamole! The bottom line? You may not have a choice when it comes to avocados in the future…so you may want to start searching for alternatives.

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