Illinois Residents Can File Claim for Google Lawsuit Settlement Money

Photo: Getty Images

Illinois residents can file a claim in a new class action lawsuit against Google, claiming the company violated a state privacy law.

The lawsuit mirrors the recent Facebook lawsuit that resulted in many residents getting paid last month.

The lawsuit claims the company violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act by "collecting and storing biometric data of individuals who, while residing in Illinois, appeared in a photograph in the photograph sharing and storage service known as Google Photos, without proper notice and consent."

Illinois residents are eligible "if, at any time between May 1, 2015 and April 25, 2022, you appeared in a photograph in Google Photos while you were an Illinois resident."

If you are eligible, you'll receive a portion of the $100 million settlement fund, after court fees, costs and expenses are deducted. It remains unclear how much you could get but the recent Facebook lawsuit resulted in nearly $400 per Illinois resident.

If interested, you can file your free claim here.

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