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Travel & Leisure Reveal The World’s Best Awards and Chicago is on the List

Photo: Getty Images

“Travel & Leisure” just released their 2022 World’s Best Awards, which ranks everything from the best cities in the world to the best, airlines, hotels and more.

Charleston, South Carolina was ranked the Best City in the U.S, for a 10th year and is at 23 on the Best Cities in the World list.

Topping the list for the Best City in the World this year is Oaxaca, Mexico.

Here are the other best cities in America:

1.Charleston, SC

2.New Orleans, LA

3.Santa Fe, NM

4.Savannah, GA

5.Honolulu, HI

6.New York, NY

7.Chicago, IL

8.Alexandria, VA

9.San Antonio, TX

10.Boston, MA

You can see it all here!

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