This Guy Says he's Cured his Health Issues by Bathing in Only Bottled Water

An man in England claims to have cured a bunch of health issues by only drinking and bathing in bottled water!

John Junior says "I always call [tap water] the devil's drink - even though my friends always laugh at me for it. I don't use it at all. I don't drink it, wash with it, I wash my clothes in bottled water. I used to struggle with extremely bad anxiety constantly and migraines, and after a while I did loads of experiments on myself to try to stop it. I cut loads of different things out of my diet and eventually I just thought that it just had to be the water - so I tried cutting that out and I just feel so much better now."

He uses supermarket water to wash and drinks Fiji water. He thinks the bottled water's pH balance is what eliminated his health ailments.

John says it costs him about $5,000 a year for all of the water, but believes its worth it because he feels much healthier!

Ok, I'm no expert, but isn't most bottled water FROM locally tapped sources? Just added minerals and filtered?

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