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Fellow Fitness Star Recalls Last Meeting With Richard Simmons

TMZ Investigates did a documentary on Richard Simmons.

It is titled, What Really Happened to Richard Simmons.

In the documentary she shares she was supposed to be on the Larry King Show the same night as Richard Simmons.

When Richard found out he canceled and said it was because of Suzanne also being on the show.

He thought she would make fun of him.

Suzanne said, that's not my style. I never make fun of anybody. But that's when I realized a little insecurity has gotten in there.

I liked him. I was always surprised when he thought I'd make fun of him.

Simmons did re-emerge in 2020 when he released workout videos on his YouTube channel to help others during lockdown.

The doc premiered on August 22nd and can be streamed on Tubi beginning on August 30th.

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