Never Been In A Relationship? Here's Why It's Ok!

Serene man drinking coffee in sunny hammock with idyllic mountain view, Alberta, Canada

Serene man drinking coffee in sunny hammock with idyllic mountain view, Alberta, Canada

So you have never been in a relationship, and that is totally OK! It might be that you have not found someone that you do not want to pursue or you are really nervous and the thought of rejection is not an option for you. Either way it is totally ok (: put together a small list of why never being in a relationship shouldn't be something to worry about.

Focus on what you DO have

It's easy to get caught up in the negative and things you don't bring to a relationship. Focus on the positives, maybe you are a really good cook, or a super compassionate person that makes you an awesome listener. Think of what great things you can bring to a relationship.

Everyone has their own baggage

Guess what?? People in relationships have baggage too! Both people in a relationship have their own baggage in some way shape or form. You might have anxiety from the fact that you have never been in a relationship but the other person might have anxiety for something totally different.

You have developed a strong sense of self

You have given yourself time to figure out your own needs, wants and desires. Without having to be there for a romantic partner and focusing on their needs you have been able to give yourself time to completely focus on you.

Your independence will serve you well

The fact that you have totally been ok with being on your own means you are and independent person. The fact that you don't need someone else to complete you means you can have a healthy relationship in forming new bonds.

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