iHeartMedia Chicago introduced the concept of a Local Advisory Board (LAB) 20 years ago to strengthen our existing partnerships in the Chicagoland community. The LAB members include iHeartMedia Chicago senior leaders, business leaders, civic leaders and community members. The LAB’s mission is to assist iHeartMedia Chicago in identifying and implementing projects to allow our company to enhance its service to the local community.

As the LAB celebrates “20 Years of Living and Building Chicago Together,” we salute our members who have championed many projects during the past 20 years, including a multi-media health campaign, voter registration initiative, leadership awards, recognition programs, community partnership programs, community gatherings and public service programming content for our seven radio stations.

We are so grateful for the LAB Charter Members who have been with us since 2004 and for all of those who have followed in their footsteps. Together, we have made an undeniable impact on the Chicagoland area with our collective resources during the last 20 years. THANK YOU!